Tillile (Old Lady Walk a Mile)

Afinké Machine
Arr. Afinké Machine, Traditional - Originally by Roaring Lion, later recorded/reworked by Lord Kitchener


Tillile aka Old Lady Walk a Mile is said to have been originally recorded by Calypsonian Roaring Lion and then later by Lord Kitchener.   This version by Afinké Machine was recorded at Panhead Music Studios in 2001/2002 in Wichita, Kansas.  Engineered by Joseph John Peck and Mark Lewis, mixed by Mark Lewis.   The performers on this recording are: Joseph John Peck - tenor & double second pans, Troy Olson - quaduet & guitar pans, Mark Lewis - bass pans, Keith McGee - drum set, David Arrocho - percussion, Rafael Campanile - acoustic guitar. 

Afinké Machine currently has two albums released:

1. Afinké Machine - Afinké Machine (self-titled)   

2. Afinké Machine - How 'Bout This