She Gotta Way

Panhead & The Uncanny XE LA
Music & Lyrics by Alex Alverez (XE LA), recorded at PanRoc Studios, Produced by Renaldo Jackson


Panhead (JJP) met XE LA at The Kansas New Music Festival, an outdoor music festival that took place on the Westerman Farm, in 1998.  XE LA was touring with Cow's in the Graveyard a Cleveland, Ohio based band.  Steelpan percussionist, Joseph John Peck who is often referred to as Panhead, was performing with Kalinda, a 5 member steelband that later changed their name to Afinké Machine.  XE LA and Panhead recorded their first album in 2006/07 via the United States Postal Service, by passing tapes back and forth.  This version of She Gotta Away was recorded at PanRoc Studios, engineered by Rocco Guarino and produced by Renaldo Jackson, the original Funk Brother #2 with Motown who played conga's on some of those great Detroit R&B records.  Renaldo passed away on May 1, 2009.