Funky Social Calypso

Afinké Machine
Music Composed by Joseph John Peck


Funky Social Calypso was written by Joseph John Peck and recorded live at Planet Paul's Studio in Wichita, Kansas by acoustic steelband Afinké Machine in the Fall of 1999.  FSC is the third track on Afinké Machine's self-titled debut album.  Peck composed this piece of music as a tribute to the 70's funk style merging with Trinidadian calypso.  He wrote this shortly after returning from a trip to Trinidad, West Indies.  The performers on this recording are: Joseph John Peck - tenor pan, Matt Maholland - conga's and double second pans, Troy Olson - guitar pans, Mark Lewis - bass pans, Chris Herriage - drum set. 

Afinké Machine currently has two albums released:

1. Afinké Machine - Afinké Machine (self-titled)   

2. Afinké Machine - How 'Bout This